Deadline for German Pavilion:  0000-00-00
Deadline for international companies:  0000-00-00

CIAME 2018

26-28 October
Wuhan, China
Deadline for German Pavilion: November 30, -0001
Deadline for international companies: November 30, -0001

The Exhibition

DLG – in cooperation with IFWexpo Heidelberg – organizes a DLG Pavilion offering interested companies the opportunity to take part in the fair. With 1,900 exhibitors on 220,000 sqm exhibit space from 14 countries and 130,000 visitors from 60 countries CIAME is Asia’s largest agricultural machinery exhibition. CIAME takes place in the Chinese city of Wuhan this year and is organized by CAMDA, the Chinese Agricultural Machinery Distribution Association. The exhibition is the annual meeting point for dealers, manufacturers and importers of agricultural machinery offering an ideal business platform. 90% of all business deals (2014: 400 billion EUR) for agricultural machinery in China are annually concluded at CIAME.

The Market

With 135 Mio. ha arable land, accounting for 10% of global arable land China is one of the largest agricultural markets in the world. The majority of arable land is located in mountainous regions managed by small-scale farms that have to provide food to almost one-fifth of mankind. Additionally, about half of the total arable land is arid or semi-arid requiring extensive irrigation. Even though China is TOP 4 of agriculture imports, mechanisation of agriculture is still relatively low. In view of the growing need of food and the demand of work forces in rural areas Chinese farms particularly look for small-scale, robust and easy-to-use machinery in China.
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Yuliya Bondarenko

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  • Agricultural equipment
  • Technologies for irrigation
  • Crop production
  • Seeds
  • Animal husbandry
  • Pet food



1,950 Exhibitors

4 countries

132,000 visitors

220 000 sqm exhibition space


CAMDA China Agricultural Machinery Distribution Association -Pavilion Organisation gemeinschaftlich von DLG International GmbH mit IFWexpo Heidelberg