Appeals for donations for Ukraine

DLG is deeply concerned by the war in Ukraine

DLG condemns the war in Ukraine, which is a violation of international law. As a partner to the European agricultural industry and a representative of a free Europe with the right to freedom, peace, the self-determination of all states and cross-border personal and professional dialogue, DLG views the attack on Ukraine with great concern. DLG’s thoughts are with all of the people affected by the war and the farmers in this important agricultural region. Our special support is aimed at our employees and DLG members on the ground.To offer the people in Ukraine quick and uncomplicated help, DLG is supporting the donation campaigns initiated by various national and international organizations.

Appeals for donations for Ukraine

To offer the people and the farming community in Ukraine quick and uncomplicated help, DLG is supporting the following donation campaigns:’Aktion Kleiner Prinz’ for children in distress due to the war. If you would like to help too, please make a donation to the ‘Aktion Kleiner Prinz’ bank account at Sparkasse Münsterland Ost quoting the keyword ‘Ukraine’
IBAN DE46 4005 0150 0062 0620 62.

‘Helping farmers in Ukraine to help themselves’: Despite the hazards of the war, mined fields and a lack of staff, farmers in Ukraine are doing their best to ensure that food supplies remain secure in the future as well. However, the farmers do not have sufficient capital to buy seeds and farm inputs or sufficient general and agricultural machinery to cultivate their fields. Support agricultural production in Ukraine directly so that local farmers can supply the people of Ukraine with basic foodstuffs free of charge. If you would like to heed the Ukrainian Agrarian Council’s call, the charitable fund ‘SaveUA’ has the following bank account:


Account holder: Charitable fund ‘SaveUA’

Registered number: 38588384

Account holder’s address: 20302, Cherkasy Oblast, Uman, 3 Ivana Honty St,

Tel.: +380 97-328-58-63, e-mail:

IBAN: UA883052990000026001031608752 for transfers in EUR

UA283052990000026008041603892 for transfers in UAH

UA773052990000026007001610138 for transfers in USD

Purpose of payment: Non-repayable financial aid (helping farmers in Ukraine)

‘Charitable Initiative Borscht’: In Ukraine, around 3.5 million private households cultivate garden areas to grow their own vegetables. This amounts to a total area of around 3 million hectares, and is where the majority of the ingredients for the national dish ‘borscht’ – a soup made of cabbage, carrots, onions, beets and potatoes – can be found growing. With your donation, you will be supporting the purchase of seed so that the rural population in Ukraine can continue to feed itself with home-grown vegetables. If you would like to support the call put out by the ‘Ukrainian Agribusiness Club’ (UCAB), the ‘Land Club’ organisation, Destra Marketing and the Ukrainian agricultural portal ‘’, please donate to the following bank account:

Beneficiary: NGO ‘Land Club’

IBAN: UA92 3808 0500 0000 0026 0077 7593 8

Beneficiary address: 01032, Zhylianska street 149, Kyiv, Ukraine

Beneficiary’s bank: Raiffeisen Bank Joint Stock Company

Address of beneficiary’s bank: 01011, Leskova street 9, Kyiv, Ukraine

SWIFT code of beneficiary’s bank: AVALUAUKXXX

Correspondent account: 55.022.305

Correspondent bank: Raiffeisen Bank International AG

SWIFT code of correspondent bank: RZBAAT WW

Purpose of payment: Non-repayable financial aid (BORSCHT)



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