Potato Days Turkey 2019

22-24 August
Karaomerler - Konya, Turkey

The Exhibition

Potato Days Turkey is the only specialized exhibiton for potato production in Turkey.  First edition will launch on 22-24 August 2019 in Konya – Turkey.  Exhibiton will bring leading companies from seed, fertilizer, crop protection, machinery, equipment etc, with 5000- expected trade visitors and  potato producers. Exhibitor companies will present their latest products on trial plots and machines in action on machinery demonstration area. Expetise and exchange know-how…
Producers and suppliers for:
-Potato seed varieties, seed importers
-Soil additives
-Seed cleaning and cutting technology
-Seed treatment agents
-Row independent and row dependent soil cultivators
-Bed forming and stone and clod separation technology
-Cup and belt planting machinery
-Drip, sprinkler, pivot, flood irrigation technology
-Field monitoring, plant scouting and drone technology
-Plant protection+fertilisers+ application  machinery
-Harvest preparation: haulm desiccation machinery,
chemical desiccants
-Harvest machinery: windrower, 1-3 row trailed harvesters
Field transport +field pre-cleaning technology (if commonly used)
-Handling equipment: grading technology, stone and clod separators, conveyors & belt elevators, store loaders, pick-up loaders, box fillers, bags
-Storage: traditional and cold storage
-Sorting, washing, drying, packaging technology

Additional exhibitors:
-Potato processors
-Cultivation consultants, extension services, processors as consultants
-Documentation and agricultural software
-Agriculture unions, associations, traders, marketing
Universities, agricultural research institutes

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The Market

Turkey as the intended event location is in an unique geographic position, lying partly in Asia and partly in Europe and can act as a hub for visitors from Egypt, Israel and Saudi Arabia. With a positioning as Potato Days Turkey exhibition for potato production in semi-arid regions interested parties from countries like Algeria and Morocco (important suppliers to the European off-season and early potato market) could also be selectively targeted.

The harvested area for potatoes reached 144.706 ha in Turkey (2016) which is similar to the United Kingdom (145.000 ha) and higher than the harvested area in Belgium (93.000 ha). Together with the largest producers in the region Egypt and Iran on 491.069 ha nearly 15 million tons of potatoes (Germany 10 mio t) are produced.

Production intensity varies greatly in the larger region with high intensity for off-season potato production in Jordan, Israel and Turkey in particular. With improved management and technologies many of the producers of the region could increase their yields to serve growing market demands. Potato demand is expected to grow due to new consumption habits – especially for processed products.

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sqm exhibition space


DLG Fuarcilik Ltd. Co, Turkey