EuroTier 2020

17-20 November
Hanover, Germany

The Exhibition

EuroTier is the world’s leading trade fair for animal production.
It features all the latest developments, products and services for breeding and keeping productive farm animals, especially cattle, pigs, poultry and fish – in other words, everything to do with transforming feed into meat, milk and eggs. The core target audience is made up of professional farmers and dealers. EuroTier also incorporates EnergyDecentral, the platform for all products and services relating to energy generation and decentralized energy supply.
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The Market

At the venue in Hanover, Germany, exhibitors (about 2,600 last time, of which over half were international) have access to investors from all over the world. Around a quarter –  means 46,700 – of the more than 155,000 visitors  in 2018 came from countries outside Germany, with about 10% coming from other continents or Eastern Europe. This makes EuroTier the no. 1 platform for new business at a global level – even in cases where neither the supplier nor the purchaser are based in Europe. As the world’s leading livestock trade fair, EuroTier is also an ideal occasion for launching new products and services, with over 800 accredited journalists disseminating news from EuroTier right across the globe.

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  • Animal husbandry



2.586 Exhibitors


154,948 visitors

267,000 sqm exhibition space


„Made by DLG“
DLG e.V., Frankfurt