AgroExpo Uzbekistan / Agrotech Expo 2021

28-30 Juni (new dates)
Taschkent, Uzbekistan

The Exhibition

In 2019, Tashkent will host the 14th edition of AgroExpo Uzbekistan /Agrotech Expo, one of Uzbekistan’s leading exhibition for agriculture and food processing industries. The exhibitions have a long-standing reputation as a platform for establishing cooperation between foreign producers and buyers from Uzbekistan. In 2018 the exhibition was visited by 7.200 visitors from all 12 regions of Uzbekistan and neighboring countries. In 2019, for the first time the German Pavilion will be organized by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture. Companies from South Korea, the Netherlands, Italy, China will be also presented within the country pavilions. During the exhibition on June 12 and 13, the international conference “From Field to Fork” with German experts will be held by DLG e.V. For more details, please contact the organizers or visit the website

The Market

With around 32 million people, Uzbekistan is the mostly populated country in Central Asia. Therefore, providing a continuous food security to its population through the sustainable development of agriculture remains a strategically important issue for Uzbekistan’s government. Currently, agriculture is one of the fastest growing sectors of economy and the third largest contributor to its GPD (17.6% in 2016). Due to the climatic conditions, as much as 85% of Uzbekistan’s agricultural land is irrigated. The most important crops are cotton and wheat, and significant other products include fruits (apples, apricots, peaches and berries), vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes and potatoes), milk, silk and livestock. The production of raw cotton, a traditionally principal agricultural product, has been substantially reduced, which freed up around 170,500 hectares of land. This land will primarily be used to sow potato and other vegetables, forage crops for feed production as well as horticulture crops.

Currently Uzbekistan produces around 16 million tons of fruits and vegetables, the volume of which is expected to increase to 5 million tons by 2030. Nevertheless, only 15% of fruits and vegetables is processed in Uzbekistan, which entails a high degree of wastage and price fluctuations during on- and off- seasons. Furthermore, the capacity of refrigerated warehouses, which is estimated to be around 800,000 tons, needs to be increased because it is enough to only store 5% of the national harvest. The demand for modern machinery, processing equipment and cooling technologies is, therefore, growing as the government aims to increase the efficiency of agricultural products.

Animal husbandry encompasses 40% of the total output of agriculture. During the last five years, livestock has increased by 21% including cattle by 7%, sheep and goats be 20% and poultry 1.5 times. Today, almost 95% of livestock (or 10 million) is brought up in private smallholding and commercial farms. They produce more than 90% of the country’s meat, 95.7% of milk and 54.8% of eggs. The number of breeding farms has exceeded 400, and they currently raise 99,200 heads of livestock.

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  • Crop production
  • Animal husbandry
  • Food & Beverage



145 Exhibitors

14 countries

7,160 visitors

4,500 sqm exhibition space


JSC „Uzexpocentre“
IFWexpo Heidelberg GmbH